Sit with Kate ~ Embodied Change Session


This ‘Sit with Kate’ ~ Embodied Change Session is for you if:

  • You are ready for support in your life. (You are tired of doing it alone).
  • You are ready for positive change. (And no longer willing to feel stuck, overwhelmed or exhausted).
  • You want to do things differently than the family you grew up in. (This is the start of being honest about what is no longer working for you).
  • You have a dream but don’t know where to begin. (This session is the support you’ve been longing for!)

During this online session Kate will guide you to create lasting embodied change. (It’s actually easier than you think!)

After you have finalised your payment you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for arranging your ‘Sit with Kate’ Session.

If you have a clear intention prior to your session that is wonderful.
And if you don’t, that is great too!
We were never meant to do everything alone!
Kate will support you to get clear from the very start.

This moment is your invitation to trust…

With love and kindness, KMF xo

(Each session runs up to 1 hour)

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