An Invitation to Trust

A profound spiritual manifesto, a legacy of love and questioning that lays down a path to peace and happiness.

I love this book. It’s real and raw and honest and beautiful. It’s my heart squeezed out onto the page.
– Kate M Foster

This book is a shade tree, a road map, a light house and a sign post.

It is a trusted friend to walk with you as you live your way through the many chapters of life.

This book isn’t selling anything. It’s not about the day you will finally be enough. It’s about you and the divinity you are in this moment right now and the gentle joy that rests and waits alongside each and every breath. It’s a book of remembering. A book of peace. A book of reconnecting with the beauty of all of life.

This book is my love made manifest. It’s all my beauty and all my frailties laid bare for the benefit of others.
– Kate M Foster

Are you brave enough to read An Invitation To Trust?

It’s not always easy to be real, to be honest.

This book will show you how….

Here’s the thing, I can’t make this book successful. No matter how hard I try I can’t get it to all the people that need it, I can’t deliver it to all the precious humans who are ready to be real and honest and live their best lives. Right from the start I want you to know this book is yours. It’s ability to support and bless others rests in your hands. In writing it I have given all I can. And I’ll continue to serve with my entire being until my very last breath. This book will bless as many people as YOU want it to. There are millions of powerful and profound books that never make it into the hands of the people that truly need them. I have no idea where this book is headed, it’s really up to our community. I’m here in service when you need me. Thank you with all my being, you are an immeasurable blessing in my life.

All love, KMF xo

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