Kate M Foster
Author and Family Constellations Therapist

Writer, sharer, truth bearer, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend

Kate is an Australian born Author, Creator and Therapist who has been guiding others to courageously listen to and trust their own precious hearts for over two decades. The author of ‘An Invitation to Trust’ and 2 oracle card decks, Kate’s passion is sharing Retreats, Workshops, Womens Circles and events that invite inner transformation through presence.

She offers online ‘Sit with Kate’ guidance sessions and mentoring packages, supporting others to heal, discover clarity and bravely connect with their gifts while trusting their unique journey.

When not travelling, Kate’s favourite things are hiding away at home, reading books, baking, drinking tea and enjoying moments with her beloved husband and two gorgeous daughters.

Words of support for Kate’s Book
‘An Invitation to Trust’

“Kate is able to capture the beauty and essence of this very life.”

“This is the kind of book that feels like home yet also leaves you looking deeply at yourself.”

“I just open the page and like magic, whatever I need to read is right there!”

“I have tears of gratitude, honestly this book for me is like a gift for my soul.”

“I have been waiting so long for such a book…”

“Kate has a true gift of expressing life in a real way…”

2x An Invitation to Trust Companion Oracle Cards
An Invitation to Trust ~ Daily Guidance Oracle
An Invitation to Trust ~ Self Love and Self Care Oracle.
Order online in our shop.

Kate ventures far and wide, her passion for service sees her offering 
events all around this beautiful earth. She loves trusting the invitations life offers her. Kate’s message is clear. You are not alone. United we rest. Together we walk on. Stay brave precious hearts.



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