Kate M Foster

Writer, sharer, truth bearer, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend

Kate ventures far and wide, her passion for service sees her speaking, sharing and offering retreats all around this beautiful earth. She loves trusting the invitations life offers her. Kate’s message is clear. You are not alone. United we rest. Together we walk on. Stay brave precious hearts.



‘An Invitation to Trust’
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An Invitation to Trust is a profound spiritual manifesto, a legacy of love and questioning that lays down a path to peace and happiness.
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The Book


Rest, Reconnect, Remember.
It’s that simple.

Kate offers many invitations for you to share with her personally. Fall back into the truth of your heart, rediscover peace and happiness. Be guided to Rest, Reconnect and Remember that which you always knew.


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I am always travelling somewhere in this magical wide world. If you would like me to attend an event in your area or have another idea we can dream on together, please contact me,
I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Imagine a human who loved her life…….

I love my life. I truly do…. And part of the reason I love it so much is that almost every single breath is devoted to something far greater than myself. I have solid crystal clear intentions for my life in service of others. The by product of these intentions, for the most part, seems…

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Dreams do come true…

Ever dreamt of running off into the sunset? Off connecting so deeply with your heart and the heart of the world that peace and love grow so big they swallow everything… And for many moments… even the messy richness melts into infinite silence once again? Me too! Some days, quite unexpectedly, dreams do come true. And…

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This Dream Life…

It’s easy for me right! I’ve got this dream life… I have a relationship nothing short of miraculous and each day is vision of my greatest hopes and aspirations. All this IS true! Entirely!!! AND… look a little further and you will see this DREAM LIFE is built upon a truckload of failure, sacrifice and…

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Anger lives here….

Hello my dears… I pray this sharing finds you well. My family is sleeping, the girls in their tent in our bedroom and Rob in our bed nearby. I cant go to sleep yet. I’m too worked up. There is an agitation in my body. It’s a nameless anger. Im not really sure why? When…

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