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Join a global network of humans who know they make a daily difference in the lives of others for just $29 annually! This contribution means your heart becomes a part of all KMF and Co. contributes to this world.

Member benefits:

  • The ‘feel good fuzzies’ knowing your support allows humans who are less fortunate to attend Events with whole or partial scholarships
  • Clarity that any additional resources are directed to Shade Tree Initiative, a not-for-profit founded by Kate and her husband Rob which focusses on creating unity in our worldwide community through learning, education and community events.
  • Share kindness.
  • Do good.
  • Help others.

Be someone’s Shade Tree. Your kindness makes a difference!


Can you help our freezing first nations mob in Central Australia? 

These 3 things will make a profound difference!

  1. Clean out your wardrobes and donate your good quality beanies, socks and gloves to be mailed to remote communities in need!
  2. Donate $20! This will buy a heavy duty 50% wool 50% cotton blanket and have it delivered to a vulnerable person in need.
  3. Start a collection in your area and be a part of our ‘Warmed with Love’ Shade Tree Initiative to keep our mob warm!

When you deposit into Shade Tree’s account 100% of your donation buys blankets because good humans are donating their time to make this happen behind the scenes. All of our volunteers are mamas who already work full time, but each of them know that we need each other, and as women we hold the power to make a difference in the lives of others.

Every $20 buys 1 warm blanket.

Shade Tree

Bsb 034204
Acc 433823

Remember to put: #warmedwithlove in the reference


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much love and gratitude, KMF


We fulfil our life’s work by supporting and serving others. We must use our lives to do good. 100% of your annual support blesses others!

Thank you for being a blessing in my life. xo

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