Embodied Freedom Workshop Ticket ~ Rob & Kate Foster ~ Sunshine Coast 2023


Pay here to secure your Embodied Freedom Full Day Workshop Ticket with Rob and Kate Foster in 2023. Be sure to text Rob 0418879519 to confirm you have paid and the date of the workshop you will be attending.

2023 Embodied Freedom Workshops & Retreat Dates


Sat 25th Feb
Sat 25th March
Sat 29th April
Sat 27th May
Sat 17th June
Sat 15th July
Sat 2nd September
Sat 7th October
Sat 4th November
Sat 2nd December

Start time: 8.45am-4pm

This work is for humans who want more of anything in their lives!
Success, love, abundance, money, rest, you name it!

It is also for humans who want to create positive collective change for the benefit of the whole planet.

This work is a fast and precise way to set forth transformation for you and the planet, delivering sustained change in as little as one workshop.

Purchase this workshop ticket to secure your place in any 1 (one) of these workshops. Numbers are limited.

WHERE  Dreamy Escapes Writer’s Cottage
14 Ratcliffe Road Hunchy
(off Mckees Road not Hunchy Road).

Please arrive on time to respect the group.

Remember to bring a water bottle, socks to warm your toes, a plate to share for lunch and anything else you need to be comfy.  Please park safely along the dirt road.

Rob and I work together to focus on vast ripples and collective healing for the benefit of all. The humans who show up to our workshops are people who not only want good things for themselves, they want goodness for others too.

Please RSVP to Rob 0418879519

All welcome.

We are thankful to be serving this amazing community and to be in service of positive change and healing on our planet.

Kindness and gratitude
Rob and Katie



By purchasing a ticket or attending an online or in person event with Kate or Rob Foster you confirm you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the following:

  • I understand the nature of this program and agree to take responsibility for myself, my participation, actions and behaviours in all program activities and communications.
  • I understand that this program may include embodied practices, physical movements and emotions may arise. Working with Kate or Rob is not a substitute for mental, psychological or medical support. I understand that attending a workshop or retreat is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment.
  • In participating in this program, I acknowledge that I am over 18 years of age, that I am participating voluntarily, and that I alone am responsible to decide whether to attend and participation is at my own risk.
  • I understand that for online programs live Zoom sessions will be recorded and shared with other course participants. I understand that if I choose to participate actively via video or chat, my name, image and words will be recorded.
  • I hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that I have now or may have hereafter against Kate or Rob Foster and all associated entities or any other program facilitator/s for any personal injury or negligence.


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