We have phone signal and I am sitting in the car while rob drives wondering where to start with updating the blog. Life on the road with the kids has not been the restful relaxing experience I imagined, it has been stretching, unravelling and full of surprises, kind of intoxicating and beautiful, a dance that changes each day. I have a new appreciation of the routine of home life yet also feel a bit unsure how I will adapt when we head home. 3 months in, 12721km and I have had my first moments of missing my bed, stove and support with the girls! Travelling as a family is great way of meeting people, there are no shortage of travelling grandparents missing their own grand kids wanting to interact with pearl and freya, but there is not an abundance of children in remote areas so play dates can be few and far between.

Uluru was heartful and majestic, at first glance it can feel busy and a tad touristy, the chains and well worn path up the rock sadden me. It really reminds me to honour the sacred in my own life and also surrender to what is, remembering this too will change. The walk around the base felt like weaving a basket, last time I visited there Pearl and I sat at a waterhole that an old Aunty told me the rainbow serpent lived in, I threw my pebble in as instructed, placed my intentions and prayed. I prayed that I may open my heart to truly receive love and also be able to offer it from a place of still surrender. I prayed that my life may be of service to all and that I may be blessed with a partner that reflected my heart. Revisiting this waterhole reminded me of these intentions and the power intentions have to silently create in our lives. I also clearly understood it is time to offer my healing and women’s work to the world again. I loved reweaving a new path around, this time sharing it with Rob and Freya.We were also blessed with an abundance of ripe fresh figs, such sweetness on a 12 km walk. Pearl and I did an indigenous art class with an incredible guy from Mutijulu called Wayne, rob also connected with him and they had a jam on their didges. Him and his brothers were super impressed with robs didge! Never seen one so big. One of his brothers Mikey is from the country my great grandmother was born in and he offered to connect me with hs aunties out there. They are the elders and teach women’s lore right around nsw. He also mentioned they do heaps of weaving, I love that and hope to go learn with them if life supports it. Life feels like one big interconnected basket to me.

Kata Juta was a sacred walk, a communion with spirit and we did the whole back walk without seeing anyone which was special.

Danny’s parents flew back with Pearl from Sydney so we were blessed to share some time with them. We shared an Uluru sunset together, a visit to kata Juta and dinner which was lovely. I am always amazed by life and feel so blessed our families share and honour the changes life offers and such deep love and support for Pearl.

Shari our friend and NVC coach also flew out to Uluru to travel with us for 12 days. It was a fun adventure.

We walked, talked, stretched and unearthed so much ground, it was a special time of sharing and expansion for all of us I reckon. We even managed a few tea parties!

The Henley on Todd boat races were on in Alice, a total hoot if you ever get the chance. Only place I have ever seen a heap of larakins running up a dry river bed carrying their boats!!!

Incredibly Pearl did the whole rim walk at Wattarka (kings canyon), her little legs and spirit amaze me. She has repeatedly hiked between 5 and 12 km, experiencing the country alongside us.

This visit to Hermansberg shed so many of my judgements on the mission and the early white history of the area. Unepectedly i found peace there too.

Palm valley is another special place to visit if you can. We spent Freyas first birthday there, we made her a sponge cake in the camp oven and served it with patty cakes rosella jam and fresh cream. It was a hit!

The West Macdonell range is beautiful, lined with gorges, huge waterholes, spectacular colours and we were told is the place of caterpillar dreaming.

Accompanying me now are two beautiful baskets woven with minnari (native grass) by two incredible indigenous women in central Australia. One is for women’s circles, one for healing work, both with a palpable spirit you can hear.

Redbank gorge / Mount Sonder was a really special place for me, I took the time to bring through all the details of a women’s offering i have been dreaming on and will be facilitating when I get home. Spaces are available for 8 women per offering and we will begin new circles on the full moon of each month from October. This offering resonates deeply with the heartbeat of central Australia, it is a subtle and powerful remembering of our own hearts calling.

I am also placing my intentions out for an older 35+ female to mind the girls. I can imagine 2 different people, someone in town I can drop them to for a few hours here and there and also someone close to the farm that is willing to care for them in our space. Kind patient and heartfull essential.

Time now to head north, at least for a while, the farm is calling and my hands are yearning to dance with massage and healing once more, I will be offering treatments from my sacred space at the farm when I return so please share with others if it resonates with you.

Love to all xxxx

Photos to follow in a few days, have to download camera.

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  1. As often happens I find a paragraph(s) that I read twice to take it all in – it seems your past dreams are catching you up and I look forward to one of your courses should I get the opportunity…………….. xx

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