4 generations of women from my Maternal Lineage ~ My Nan, my Mum, my precious first born and if you look closely you will see I was carrying my precious second born deep in my belly. We were all here together, dancing our way through the richness xxoo

This is how I like to remember her most, happy, free and letting the joy of life flow through her. The truth is her death was long and slow, yet in this picture she is free of that. She is free to dance, to sing, to play and to look at the beauty and gifts her sacred sacrifice set forth on this earth.

I bow to her courage. I know my own heart through hers.

Norma Margaret, you paved the way for this moment. I love you forever.

I wish each of you reading this could taste and feel and smell the joy of this moment. I wish the love could permeate your whole being so you once again remember the truth of this life. Yet all I can do is find some frail words that shall never express the preciousness of this life nor this moment.

Our lineage is powerful. We take this breath because of the gifts and sacrifice of all who came before us. We stand as an offering of love. We exist simply as an embodied expression of truth, we exist to share and serve and bless all we encounter.

Wherever you find yourself in this moment, may you be blessed. May your gifts overflow to fill this whole wide world with peace and purpose, love and a gentle joy. May kindness be a salve that saturates your entire being and may it puddle at your feet, infecting the whole planet wherever you wander.

All love, KMF xo