You know what, I’m surrounded by divine women. Wise, beautiful, courageous, spiritual divine women. Powerful and strong women that bring profound goodness to this world every single day. And you know what else, some days that scares the pants off me. My inner Tourettes gets so out of control I paralyse myself. I get to doubting I have anything of value to offer this world. I get an internal roll on, “who do you think you are believing you have gifts to give this world… And your book…. Pfttt….. Don’t even embarrass yourself.”

It’s true, my gifts are not better than anyone else’s, and measuring myself against any other human is never going to end well. There are millions if not billions of people with greater insight, grace, compassion, wisdom, workshops, books, the list goes on.
Maybe I am foolish for baring my heart each day, unleashing my fragile revelations into the ethers to be carved up by the masses. God knows I am judged, hell I even judge myself.

The truth is this, I do have a choice. I can silence myself, spiral inwards and downwards and turn against myself….   Or I can choose to show up vulnerable, to keep getting my brave on, to continue nakedly and foolishly offering what I have each moment as the most precious gift I can share. I call it ‘showing up anyway’. Its me, raw and real and often inadequately messy yet so holy divinely devoted to serve with every cell of my being.

So don’t come to me seeking perfection. Don’t expect infallible wisdom. Rather come with all of your vulnerabilities, your questions, your willingness, your fragile messy hearts and together we can explore and remember that which we never truly forgot in the first place.

No one has life sorted all the time. We are not meant to. We are the seasons and our only job is to not turn from whatever weather we find ourselves in.

Tonight I face the winds of change. I know not what they bring. I’m showing up anyway. Fragile, uncertain, scared, doubtful, real, willing, dedicated and brave. You see a queen wears her crown regardless of weather and I’ve got that damn thing on, shiny, wobbly, visible.

I look forward to seeing you out there fellow traveller, I need you, your brave heart inspires me, it encourages me onwards. Together we’ve got this ❤️ xox

June Sunshine Coast Workshop details coming soon…

Kate M Foster