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Today has been a truly beautiful day, a sunrise walk on the beach with Freya, watching the whales breach while we ate breakie in our cabin, running water, my very own toilet, washing and clean clothes, collecting treasures on the beach with pearl, baking scones, the first tea party of our trip and now a mid afternoon rest! Life sure is grand. We found our way to Brooms Head Monday arvo seeking some rest and quiet time and today has been a perfect reflection of this. I also spied a handful of opshops at Maclean, I’m dreaming on treasures for me in the morning!

I think rob really loved his yoga today, sunshine over the ocean, breaching whales and a deep connection to peace and harmony, newly discovered needs thanks to the retreat.

As a side note the little opshop on the pacific highway at Woodburn is a must when I am down this way, will post a photo of the plates I scored, bargains.

The Nvc retreat in Byron Bay was the richness, it rained, we were living in a quagmire, I am not sure how pattycakes and johnnycakes survived in ankle deep mud with freya each day and I felt like an emotional mess. Unfolding alongside this I discovered a newfound acceptance and gratitude for me and even a deeper appreciation of the chaos of life, myself and the beauty this messy and beautiful dance is. Halfway through when it all felt too much I re-read the intention I set for myself, it was “to unearth a deep acceptance and appreciation of me and find freedom in allowing myself to fully express this, however life looks in any moment”, and upon reflection of my experiences, it made sense. I had actually asked for this, I just didn’t expect it to look and feel like this! I wonder if that ever happens to you? Thankfully i surrendered to the chaos and even now this gentle peace and sense of ease still rests in my heart. Bizarrely even though i know it will change, I feel thankful for that too. Nvc is the goods people, best gift I have ever given myself.

It took a long time yesterday to wash the mud off and get packed up yet it wasn’t the mission I have experienced in the past. I lived with the chaos instead of fighting it and the day unfolded with grace. I feel like Nvc has helped me touch the centre of me, it simply yet honestly reminds me of the needs i never new called from my heart and I am learning to make requests to have these met, instead of threats or demands. It really is an amazing thing.

On our way yesterday we stopped at a rest area just off the pacific highway and a gang of roosters raced over. It was really peculiar, I couldn’t see any houses nearby, they looked super healthy and were very social, and they greeted everyone that stopped the same way. I’m not really sure why I am telling you this except that it fascinated me… So begins the random but true facts of our journey!

We have caught up with so many beautiful friends in the past week and I am looking forward to even more reunions as we move south.

Until we connect again
Love to all xxx









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  1. Oh how I enjoyed reading this Katie! That just took me on a beautiful journey of my own. I look forward to reading more of your musings on your travels. Blessings to you all for safe passage.

  2. Beautiful! Love hearing how you all are going! Miss you guys & will chat soon. I hope you are having a lovely weekend. xx

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