After many years in the dreaming, months of Rob building the camper and a ton of late nights planning and packing, we are on the road. We said farewell to Tailer our puppy, many beautiful friends and our farm sanctuary and have set off to share some moments exploring this amazing land as a family.

It has been quite the journey already, i felt sad leaving our friends and new found community and also sad about how little time I have left with Pearl before she starts school next year. One of my intentions for this trip is to really honour and connect with the amazing individual she is and be more present with playing with her. I don’t always remember how to play. I also feel so filled with gratitude for my life and the ways I am supported to live this unfolding experience. I love that i get to travel with my amazing partner and live and learn alongside him.

Today we are headed to Byron Bay, we begin an NVC retreat tonight for the next 6 days, it is all about relationship with self. The past week i have felt a little rattled by the changes i could feel beginning to seep into me, thankfully that has given way to a gentle excitement. I will let you know how i go. We are so blessed that Robs parents, PattyCakes and Johnnycakes can come with us to mind freya and that Danny is going to spend some time with Pearl, she flies to Sydney shortly. The support in my world is incredible!

Rob plans on teaching yoga as we travel and I have packed my jewellery and burning desire to collect vintage crockery to make high tea plates. I have negotiated a big crate filled with bubble wrap in the very back of the camper so I have the space! I am imagining so many untouched op shops out in the centre of oz! Will keep you posted on that too! I am also looking forward to markets, both having a stall and just wandering through.

Some things i am dreaming on:

*perfecting the art of baking scones in the camp oven
*weaving with traditional women in community on traditional land
*having a tea party at Uluru
*swimming under a waterfall in croc free water somewhere
*I will keep contemplating this list

We are not really sure how long we will travel, or where we will end up, we are headed south and hope to catch up with as many of our treasured friends as we can. I am also really hoping to use as many of their washing machines as possible! In the past I have loathed carting dirty washing in my back pack, having the camper gives me a lot more space, but two children and a partner drastically increase the quantity, I am interested to witness how I grow into my quirky ways!

Sending love to each of you as you travel along today, the possibilities are endless!







6 thoughts on “And the journey continues”

  1. Safe travels & enjoy the journey. The boys have asked to give Pearl & Freya a big hug & kiss. luv Rach, Brett, Ro, Ki ki & Callum xxx

  2. I wish you all a great trip. I can’t wait to see you all and Eloise is waiting for Pearl with excitement! Our little Jack is sweet like an angel. Love. Abby

  3. The possibilities are Endless… The memories are life time..
    Enjoy your journey you folk, seeing you soon.
    Xxxxx Tania

  4. Thanks beautiful women, rach and chris, I’ll miss you both! And Abby an Tania, I’ll be seeing you soon. The biggest congratulations Abby on the safe arrival of jack, looking forward to meeting him and playing with Ellie! Xxxx

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