This week i wrote to a woman who inspires me greatly. A woman who is my reference point for the divine, for sanity, for service.

After the words landed on the page i realised it was possible all of us may like to read a few of them. They were shared in the context that somehow, in our own unique ways, we are all juggling life. We all dance with how to live a life deeply connected to those we love while also balancing our contributions and purpose…….lake-of-calm

“Spaciousness seems to be a common dance for the feminine, our empathic loving hearts yearn to be of service to all. It’s the hours in our human days that seem the challenge. In a conversation i once shared with a buddhist nun i told her that to me, she always felt like a lake of calm. Her response offered a giggle and a sense of hope for my own life. She said most days a part of her actually felt like a duck on that lake of calm. While on the surface she was serene and gracious, under the water her little legs were paddling full steam.”

More times than not my little legs are also paddling, diligently swimming and surrendering the best i can so i too may retain a sense of balance. I look out into the world and see amazing women that inspire me, that seem to have some super human power of ‘having it all together’, and i remind myself, its possible, just like me, that they too have days their little legs are frantically working to keep life afloat and in balance.

Each of us are doing our best. Lets slow the paddle and enjoy the lake of calm whenever the chance arises. Enjoy your week beautiful people.

With love and kindness from my heart, KMF xo