And i am celebrating. Celebrating my beautiful muma who so whole heartedly loved, guided and supported me, doing her best in every single moment regardless of the challenges she faced. Celebrating my nan, the courageous woman who birthed my mama and gave her just the right kind of environment to learn she had choices and she could in fact create any life she wanted. Celebrating my daughters, for they have given me the greatest honour in allowing me to be their mama. And celebrating every woman on the planet. Each of us with a mother who no doubt did her best, how ever that looked, who’s existence allows us to be here this very moment.

Mother hood for me is the most challening and most beautiful thing i have ever experienced. At times the rawness of love grates hard against my naked heart and i don’t know if i can survive the vulnerability it thrusts upon me. Then there are other moments, like the thrill of dancing naked in the rain with my daughter as we wash our car or remembering the courage it took to birth my newest little girl and the support my partner offered throughout. Remembering these moments fills me with joy, the kind that saturates my whole being and i overflow with wonder at the infinite blessings in my world.

So with all life’s many colours, i feel deep and unshakable gratitude for the wise women in my family, each courageously paving the way for me to pass over the invitation to “obey and resent” and somehow find my own joy along the winding path of this sacred life. xxx 

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  1. Thank you bella, for sharing your beautiful insights on a beautiful day of love xx

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