This is my favourite cup. I love it for so many reasons. It was handmade. It’s happy. It was squeezed in the middle before it was fired so it feels just right in your hand. It’s the perfect size. I never finish a full cup of tea in any other mug. It fits conveniently inside my beloveds mug (important in a caravan with limited space). And it’s broken. A particularly rough country road shook our cupboards all over. It broke clean in half.


Look closely at this picture. It explains love. I was sad when I found my broken cup. Tea is a ritual in our home. I have treasured every tea I’ve had in it. I wasn’t ready to let it go. Almost defiantly I left the broken remnants on the bench to contemplate the next step…

I busied myself with cleaning and errands. Miss four interrupted asking for tape. I contemplated saying no as I was busy and it felt inconvenient yet I took a deep breath and rummaged through my Tetris caravan cupboards to find it. 10 or 15 minutes later I enquired what she was doing with the scissors and tape and with big joyful eyes she smiled and presented me with my cup. It’s all fixed mama. Bless her heart, it was completely sticky taped together. Even the gaping hole in the bottom had tape clumsily hanging over it.

The whole world opened to me in that moment and I remembered the truth of life.

Our innocents hearts are the same.

Eternally loving, infinitely giving, courageously vulnerable, showing up to perform the impossible.

May we all be blessed with innocent hearts.

Love and kindness ❤️KMF