Introducing my Nan, my mum and their Galah

Did you know my nan carried me in her womb too? The eggs that would one day grow me were already planted deep inside my mama before she was born. That means my nan held me tight and has influenced me in more ways than I can ever comprehend. It’s the same for you too. Wild isn’t it!

Lineage is such a sacred powerful thing.

We are so much more than we could ever comprehend.

I love that. It also frightens me sometimes.

I’ve begun writing my next book, it may take another two decades? Who knows? One thing I am celebrating is the strength of the women in my lineage. In writing their stories it feels like I am somehow setting them free. I love honouring their remarkable resilience, love and dedication to all of life. They are the roots that have given me wings.

Over this past year I’ve visited family in almost every state. Ive met nephews, aunts, uncles, sisters and even a Grandma that I never knew I had. It’s been powerful and profound and healing and sacred. Its been a celebration of the mess and shame and guilt that was long hidden. Its been a coming together of all the fragments that were floating around me never quite knowing where they belonged. I love my lineage. All of it. The light, the dark and the shadows in between. I love the tenderness of shame, the brutality of guilt, I even love the fragility of my messy imperfect self.

You see if I can make peace with the whole big mess that I am, I believe it is possible for everyone and that’s entirely what I plan to share in this memoir.

It’s a book about how the holes make us holy. It is my biased account of the beauty, the richness and the sacred holy mess that is family life. I am that mess. Im glad for all of it. And no matter how shiny and sparkly any family looks we each carry the weight of shame, guilt and all that is left hidden.

It’s time to live.

How ever many days I have remaining on this planet are dedicated to love, kindness and truth above all else.

Are you brave enough to meet me here? To sit in the holes until you once again remember the unshakable holiness that never left your side?

With love from my heart,

KMF xo