We live on an amazing planet. Miraculous wonders rest anywhere our eyes may glance. And at times I still get very involved with my thoughts and miss these wonders, I miss many precious moments of beauty and magic, moments that are right in front of me everyday inviting me to presence. That’s ok, my best changes.

During our stay at Monkey Mia we were very fortunate to be chosen to meet the dolphins, however what I want to share with you is an experience I had while waiting at the edge of the water, in a great big line with everyone else.

In the 15 minutes or so that the dolphins were swimming up and down the shore line, taking in all the humans and awaiting their tiny morsel of fish, they would often stop, roll onto their sides and somehow ‘absorb’ or ‘take in’ the human in front of them.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to interact and experience the wonder of dolphins. There was one time I was swimming in the ocean and they appeared. I was alone and pretrified, I didn’t actually have the presence to know they were dolphins. Fins appeared, I thought they were sharks and  I almost pulled a Jesus and walked across the surface of the water to get back to the beach.

Over my life I have heard many wonderful stories about dolphins. About ten years ago, while at the beach, a young indigenous boy was rammed by a shark. Miraculously dolphins appeared and 4 of them swam circles around him while he swam back to shore. They ensured his safety. They somehow knew. Something beyond words exists in their presence and for me this day was testament to miracles.

I learnt while at Monkey Mia that the part of their brains that empathises and relates to others is the largest of any species on the planet. Apparently they also see in sonar, which means they can see through our beings like an Xray.

While i was standing on that shoreline, learning about their lives and daily ways, one of these dolphins stopped in front of me, rolled onto her side and locked eyes with me. Im not sure exactly what happened, I’m certainly not into shiny spiritual experiences, yet there was a wave of something that pulsed through my whole being when her eyes locked with mine. Time stood still and i was immersed in an intense sensation of love in my whole being. My eyes leaked as I was immersed in her presence.

And in that ocean of love that pulsed between us somehow I understood that she was made of the same love and wonder that makes the whole universe spin,

and i was too.

Little moments change us. Im not sure how. I simply wanted to share this experience with you and offer it for the benefit of all.

May the peace and love and wonder of this miraculous creature find its way to your heart today.

With love and kindness, KMF xo