It’s easy for me right!
I’ve got this dream life…

I have a relationship nothing short of miraculous and each day is vision of my greatest hopes and aspirations. All this IS true! Entirely!!!

AND… look a little further and you will see this DREAM LIFE is built upon a truckload of failure, sacrifice and showing up when I could have easily bowed out, taken the easy route, hid, settled or denied my deepest heart.

Do you know how often I am judged?


Others can be so quick to judge the way I live, to criticise, diminish, measure,  compare or assume they have insight into who I am and how I came to this very moment. And the truth is, most people, even those closest, do not have a fricken clue.

Even people within my own family judge me for the ways they believe I am not living a life of integrity, compassion, generosity or kindness. Hell, how could I judge them for that when I spent so many years judging myself!

I accept the mess that is a small part of my life and my response to mess is this:

Go to town. Judge. Question. Gee even ridicule if you need. Resent if you must. You are entirely free to think, feel and subscribe to whatever life you want.

Spending your moments judging me is one way you are free to spend the finite moments of your life. I accept that. Yet, know this, I set boundaries. I don’t necessarily accept what you offer. You are free to slander and criticise and at the same time I will choose to honour self kindness again and again. This may mean I love you from a distance, because there is no way I will model ‘unwrapping other people’s pain’ and accepting it as my own to my children.

Kindness is many things. It may be a humble willing heartful yes I accept that, it may equally be a no way in hell is that ok.

In showing up I serve and support the people who want what I have to offer. People who are willing to accept what I CAN give. And for all the other people that remind me I am not yet enough for them, well bless them too. {As a side note it is important to acknowledge I may never ever again be what they want me to be}.

You know what I plan to do the moment I finish writing here, I’m going to continue celebrating this beautiful life and being deeply thankful for all of it. I will offer thanks for the courage I have to give to the world in all the ways that I already do and I will be thankful that I have learnt to set boundaries to honour peace and wellbeing in my life.

For as long as I live I will return to celebrating my beauty along with my frailties and my failures, cause each of these have birthed immeasurable gifts in my life and also the lives of many others.

The path to this moment certainly wasn’t easy….

BUT… and I do NOT BUT lightly, I would trade my life’s moments for it over and over again. I would walk through each refiners fire, heartbroken, yet willing to pay the price to be here NOW.

You may be interested to know that this beautiful dream life I live {which can change in any moment, and frequently has countless times before} is built upon heartbreak, abuse and a rock solid choice to honour life over death, freedom over security, love over resentment, forgiveness over suffering and self kindness over pleasing others.

So unlike my page, find another saviour or even hang around and judge on. The choice is yours.

Let me be clear.  It is my unwavering intention to serve life every breath by listening and following through. I show up in alignment with the highest consciousness I have access to in each and every moment. I promise to leave a clear map, a tried and true path to how I arrived here in this moment. You are free to harvest from this as you wish. But please know, I’m not here to save anyone’s ass, cause if ass’s could be saved no one I know would suffer. The world would be happy and at peace and everyone the world over would be living their dream lives!

The inconvenient truth is this,  you’ve gotta save your own ass.

However if you want company on the messy lonely path to your dream life, I’m here for you.

All love and honesty, KMF xo
 (I honour my ancestors, ALL of them. The ones I know and the ones I’ll never get to meet. I also acknowledge that my life rests upon the ‘life force’ that was given to my by my mother and father. Just like me, they have showed up and given the very best they can each and every moment. I honour that. I also honour my step dad for all the love and support he has given that has allowed me to become the human I am today.)