Ever dreamt of running off into the sunset? Off connecting so deeply with your heart and the heart of the world that peace and love grow so big they swallow everything… And for many moments… even the messy richness melts into infinite silence once again? Me too!

Some days, quite unexpectedly, dreams do come true. And it seems when they do blossom it is usually with the support and love of others…. rarely do they ever blossom by themselves.

Twelve years ago while working alongside many Biripi people in NSW i received a message that I was to take women on retreats to the red centre of Australia. I was to connect them with the traditional owners out there and allow the magic and vast timeless nature of lore to heal them and guide them to remember that which they already knew.

At the time I had no idea how this would ever come about, I simply new the pull to get out in that red sand (munda) was loud and clear. I listened and trusted that in time I would know the way.

Some dreams take many moons to unfold. This was one of them. I am yet to find the words to share with you what we shared and experienced on our Returning Home Sacred Womens Retreat. I am not sure if they will ever come. What i do know is that my Anangu family has invited us to return again next April and so I will be inviting applications from women wishing to attend. There are only 11 spaces. This retreat is not for everyone and due to the remote nature of this retreat suitability will be carefully assessed.

You will know if you are ready.

I am infinitely thankful to the land, the spirits, the ancestors, the traditional owners, the women and all who made this sacred sharing possible. May all beings receive the blessings of what unfolded in this sacred land.

Even if you you do not come on retreat with me please do consider visiting central Australia, Uluru and surrounds invites you to a depth of being you may not have experienced before. I promise you wont be disappointed…

It is important to acknowledge that these images were captured by my dear friend Jessica Blaine Smith. This woman has shared and documented real moments from my life for as many moons as it took for this adventure to unfold. Her heart sees beyond and somehow she captures truth. Thanks for blessing me and the world Jess, yet again, you made it real. http://jbsmithphotography.com/ ps.I am excited for your coming offerings…





One thought on “Dreams do come true…”

  1. My dear Kate…

    I LOVE and ADMIRE your authenticity, your vulnerability and tremendous courage!!!

    I wish to write more… but it will be at a later date… as ‘too much’ is happening at the moment.

    For NOW… I simply wish to acknowledge your tremendous loving energy!!! YOU are amazing ❤️

    Warmest regards…

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